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Online Bus Tickets Sales

Terms and conditions - tickets and online sales

At https://prodaja.fils.hr company FILS d.o.o. Pula offers online ticket purchase service to their passengers (most of our regular bus lines are available for purchase). Online payments (MasterCard, Diners, VISA and Maestro supported) are processed and secured using third-party service offered by our bussines bank - Erste banka d.d. and accompanying payment gateway by CorvusPay.

This documents lists current terms and conditions related to bus tickets and online sales procedure. Tickets are purchased using secure payment system supporting MasterCard, Diners and VISA credit cards and Maestro debit cards. Payment service is provided by Erste banka d.d., our bussines bank, using the payment gateway by CorvusPay (security payment details available here.

In addition to standard tickets, customers can choose special tickets with discounts - FILS d.o.o. offers special conditions for some customer categories / children, students and retirees. While selecting tickets in our system, ticket type is always shown and tickets can be filtered with this criteria. Any misuse and purchase of discounted tickets without providing documents proving customer status can result in foreclosure of ticket usage (you cannot use discounted ticket without document proving your right to use it!).

Special terms valid for discounted/special ticket types:

Other terms and conditions related to ticket usage:

Conditions of use | 1 EUR = 7.5345000 HRK fix

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